CMS launches Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting Program

October 1, 2012

Effective October 1, 2012, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is expanding quality data reporting to the Inpatient Psychiatric Facility (IPF)* setting beginning October 1.

Mandated by Section 10322 of the Affordable Care Act, the new Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting (IPFQR) program is designed to strengthen the correlation between quality of care and Medicare reimbursement to healthcare providers by incentivizing IPFs to report quality of care measures data.

The IPFQR program will award 2.0 percentage points in reimbursement under Medicare’s IPF Prospective Payment System (PPS) to eligible facilities reporting quality measure data, starting with October 1, 2013, Medicare payments.

IPFQR measures defined

CMS has adopted six National Quality Forum (NQF)-endorsed measures developed by The Joint Commission for measuring important quality components applicable to inpatient psychiatric care. These measures, listed by Hospital Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) Measure Identification number, are:

  • HBIPS-2: Hours of Physical Restraint Use
  • HBIPS-3: Hours of Seclusion Use
  • HBIPS-4: Patients Discharged on Multiple Antipsychotic Medications
  • HBIPS-5: Patients Discharged on Multiple Antipsychotic Medications with Appropriate Justification
  • HBIPS-6: Post Discharge Continuing Care Plan Created
  • HBIPS-7: Post Discharge Continuing Care Plan Transmitted to Next Level of Care Provider Upon Discharge

How IPFs can prepare for data collection

To prepare for data collection, IPFs are encouraged to review The Joint Commission’s measure specifications for applicable discharge periods.

CMS recommends that facilities also prepare internally for data collection by collaborating with their:

  • medical records department and frontline staff to ensure that the data elements used in the six quality measures (e.g., hours of physical restraint use, hours of seclusion, etc.) are documented in a manner that facilitates quality data collection and is compliant with CMS Conditions of Participation
  • billing and financial departments to identify both Medicare and non-Medicare patients treated and paid by via the IPF-PPS provisions

Educational, outreach support to be offered

With the help of a new IPFQR national support contractor, CMS will provide educational and outreach support to assist IPFs in reporting quality data in the coming months. More information on these efforts will be announced on QualityNet.

Later in the year, CMS will also provide IPFs information about the web-based aggregate data collection tool scheduled to be available by July 1, 2013. The tool will collect October 2012 through March 2013 discharge aggregate quality measure information. Paper abstraction tools will also be posted, to allow facilities to abstract their own information.

* Medicare identifies an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility as a provider paid under Medicare’s IPF-PPS using the IPF’s CMS Certification Number (CCN) and matching National Provider Identification (NPI) number. (Note: IPF CCN and NPI identification numbers are different from acute care hospital CCNs and NPIs, and require that IPFs submit quality data for patient treated by the facility.)

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